Climate Change and the Energy Transition

Climate change is reshaping the investment landscape. Technological, behavioral and policy trends are accelerating the global energy transition toward a low carbon economy. These trends favor clean energy over fossil fuels and are prompting investors to address the associated the risks and explore emerging opportunities.

Energy Transition Long - Short

The Energy Transition Long-Short Equity Strategy (ETLS) is a rules-based alternative investment strategy designed to capture the potential upside of a transition to a low-carbon economy. This thematic strategy is long clean energy, advanced transportation, and smart grid companies and short reserve-owning fossil fuel companies. The strategy is designed to achieve results with these characteristics:


Invests in public companies whose products and services aim to accelerate the clean-energy transition and reduce the physical, economic and social risks associated with climate change.


Alternative investing strategy employed with the objective of optimizing long-term return generation.


The strategy extends divestment (avoidance) principles to short companies whose fossil fuel products contribute to climate change and have potential for stranded asset risk.


Factor-based security selection and index management techniques incorporated to limit excessive trading and portfolio turnover.

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About FFI Advisors

FFI Advisors is a performance- and mission-driven investment manager focused on developing and managing pragmatic climate-aligned strategies. Our rules-based approach to portfolio construction is designed to capture alpha from thematic sustainability trends and support responsible investment principles over long-term market cycles.

FFI Advisors is committed to providing solutions that accelerate the allocation of capital toward climate solutions and away from polluters. Our long-term vision is a world in which people, planet, and profit are unquestionably equal and one that places a premium on ecosystem sustainability.

FFI Advisors is affiliated with FFI Solutions, a leading provider of climate change investment research, indexes, assessment and screening services, including The Carbon Underground 200TM (CU200).

Our team

We are a team of experienced financial services professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Our CEO, Chris Ito, brings over 30 years of financial services experience that includes being a partner at a Big Four consultancy and the head of portfolio management for one of the world’s largest fund of hedge funds.

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