The Energy Transition Long-Short: A Net-Zero Portfolio Solution

From Fossil-Fuel Divestment to Long-Short Equity Our company’s journey from fossil-fuel divestment to long-short equity may not seem intuitive, but it has mirrored the evolution of strategies that investors are using to align their portfolios with financial considerations and impact opportunities associated with climate change. Those in the sustainable, responsible investment ecosystem know FFI best

The Value of Shorts in a Responsible Investment Strategy

GameStop. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect name, and metaphor, for a company used by wallstreetbets, the subreddit group, to “game” the financial system and make a run at “fortress Wall Street”. This community of traders drove up GameStop’s stock price, not primarily out of a sentimental love for this brick-and-mortar retailer, but most

What the Energy Transition Means for Investors

Coal, oil and natural gas have been the dominant energy sources powering the global economy for the last 100 years. But the energy landscape is changing quickly–and not only because of government policies designed to curb climate change. Rather, technological advances over the last decade have helped make the cost of renewables competitive with fossil


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